Emforrio isn’t actually a real word, its a neologism… (we had to google that).  Basically its a coined term or word.  We like to think it’s pronounced em-for-e-oh, but given that we made-up the word and then had to google the term for made-up words you could potentially pronounce it anyway you like.

Though how the name is pronounced isn’t really important, what’s important is that we’re all about photography, its our passion, we’re out and about capturing things all the time, to put it simply we really love what we do!  We’ve done all sorts of photography from kids, family, people, pets, property, weddings and everything else in between.

Something thats really important to us at Emforrio is that no matter what job we take on it’s got to work for everyone involved, so our general approach is to meet up and discuss your project over a coffee (or other such beverage).

Another great attribute about Emforrio is that on most projects you get us both, two photographers for the price one! Capturing twice as many moments!

So, here’s a little but more about us…

Dan Whiting | Photographer

I’ve loved photography ever since I was child (who am I kidding, I ‘m still a child @ 33).  I’ve been shooting and capturing on camera ever since I received my first 110mm Kodak film camera when I was five.  I grew up in the Hawkes Bay, though I’ve spent the last 13 years in Wellington.

Over the last 10 years I’ve really focused my photography towards people.  I love to capture people in their everyday environment.  Sure you can all turn up in your same colored t-shirts but that’s not really you is it! Be you!  I want to photograph your children playing on the swings, your dog rolling around on the grass, you relaxing in your favorite arm chair.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule (like your wedding), but emforrio photography is about capturing your heart ❤ and soul and we’re going to do what we can to bring that out.

Some random things about me which might give you an insight into who I am:

  • I’m a massive Star Wars nerd
  • I ride a Trumph Thunderbird
  • I’m trying to teach myself to play the guitar (poorly)
  • Sometimes I wonder about how I would in survive a zombie apocalypse (I’ve watched to much Walking Dead)
  • And for the more technical minded – I have a preference for prime lenses, I only shoot in RAW and I currently use Nikon equipment
Samara King | Photographer

So, how did I first realise that photography was going to end up as one of my life long passions? Well it all started with a small wee girl wanting to love something her daddy loved. I was never talented at art and the best pictures you would ever get out of me were probably a couple of stick figures, the sun and some clouds (still true). But when I started sixth form and the option of taking photography as a subject became available, something just clicked inside of me, something that would connect me to what my dad loved so much as well.

I still remember my first trip to the darkroom. I never really cared that much about many of the subjects at school but the moment I first stepped through the threshold into that New Plymouth Girls High School darkroom, I knew I had found true love!

I loved getting my fingers wet on the smelly old chemicals, playing with the exposure with the old-school equipment and the smell… oh the smell… mmm mmmmm! I remember it all vividly to this day and I loved it so much that I even spent hours in there during the weekends.

What I really loved the most though was shooting in black and white and only having 24 chances to capture some amazing shots! God I used to agonise over getting the perfect composition – 24 photos would take me hours to shoot! But that’s what taught me how to compose the right shot early, something which I sometimes feel is a lost art in the digital world where anyone can snap a million photos on a multitude of devices.

Some random things about me…

  • I’m a huge sci-fi fan and I love anything make-believe
  • I have an overactive immagination and I think in cartoon bubble pictures
  • I’m a total geek and love playing games on the PlayStation
  • The only breed of dog for me are Pugs
  • Nothing beats a new pair of tights (Dan’s already looking at me weird, but I really do)
  • I currently use Canon equipment and also only shoot in RAW as it gives the best the quality results for enlarging and printing images

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